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Putin mostly fears a united European action

971 words Scott Uehlinger, a US Service Academy graduate, served ten years in both the US Navy and merchant service.  Entering the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1996, he served abroad in US embassies located in the former Soviet Union for ...

$53.9 billion for the US Intelligence Community

123 words The National Intelligence Program (NIP) funds the Intelligence Community (IC) activities in 6 Federal Departments, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). According to the outline of the requested budget figure ...

TS/SCI leak: Spies do drink coffee

65 words This is a vital development for the United States’ national security since CIA employees can now work harder and longer. A Starbucks coffee has opened at the company’s headquarters in Langley, VA. Be careful, your name should not be written ...

Who (or what) did create Islamic State (Daesh)?

186 words A rumor is spreading throughout the Middle East that affirms the group Islamic State (ISIS, shorthand for Daesh) has been created by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), to the extent that the US embassy in Beirut had to denounce it publicly ...

In Brief

Mandarin Oriental confirmed that the credit card systems in an isolated number of its hotels in the US and Europe have been accessed without authorization, a direct result of a cyber-attack. Incidents of this nature are increasingly becoming an industry-wide concern, said a company’s communiqué.

The plunge in oil prices showed that Gabon’s plan to diversify its economy away from overdependence on oil is clearly the right way to go and is now more relevant than ever, IMF staff said.

Rapid expansion of oil supply from unconventional sources, a significant change in OPEC’s policy stance, and weak global demand are driving the recent plunge in oil prices, according to a new paper by the World Bank.

With very strong growth of 6 percent in 2014, lower energy export prices in 2015 will likely contribute to Malaysia’s growth moderating to a still impressive rate of close to 5 percent, IMF economists explained.

The OECD’s latest Environmental Performance Review of Spain warned that higher industrial output could put new pressure on the environment as the economy rebounds.

Elections do not change treaties, (…) it is clear that you can have another approach to the Greek crisis; there may be more flexibility, but Tsipras’ victory does not entitle you to change everything,” European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in an interview with the Spanish daily El Pais, referring to the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

“The scale of the net loss for 2014 illustrates the twofold challenge confronting Areva: continuing stagnation of the nuclear operations, lack of competitiveness and difficulties in managing the risks inherent in large projects. The group understands how serious this situation is,” Philippe Knoche, CEO, said after Areva reported a loss for 2014 of $5.3 billion.

China will raise its defense budget by around 10 percent in 2015, compared with last year’s 12.2 percent, the lowest in 5 years, a Chinese government official said, adding that “there is still a gap between China’s armed forces (and foreign counterparts) in terms of overall military equipment.”

“As far as I can tell, there was nothing new, (he) didn’t offer any viable alternatives,” US President Barack Obama said after Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu gave his controversial speech in the US Congress.

Sources close to US intelligence community have been talking about the murder of Boris Nemtsov as possibly resulting from an action carried out by free-lance Russians having “more or less ties” with Russian intelligence. President Vladimir Putin was not behind the plot and is said to be “both stunned and very angry,” the same sources said.

Government agencies, including the Fed, failed to recognize the extent of the risks or how severely they could damage the financial system and the economy,” Fed Chair Janet Yellen said about the financial crisis.

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