The United Kingdom could “wage war” to hackers

The latest cyber attacks named WannaCry and NotPetya have proved to what extent simple malicious software can be messing up the computer systems of government administrations and large companies. In exchange for a ransom, such […]


ROK President Moon to underscore importance of alliance with US. The South Korea-US summit, which will be held in Washington on June 30, is taking place 51 days after Moon’s inauguration, earlier than any previous South Korean president. This reflects the view that the South Korea-US alliance and mutual trust are essential for easing tensions on the Korean Peninsula. (The Kankyoreh, 6/29/2017)

The original iPhone had its share of haters in 2007. “The iPhone will be a major disappointment.” That was the sage wisdom from Advertising Age just days before its release. The story, titled "Why the iPhone Will Fail," argued that the single-use (music) success of the iPod wouldn't be mirrored by the iPhone because it's a multi-function "convergence" device. (Mashable, 6/29/2017)

Officials struggle to convince Trump that Russia remains a threat. As President Donald Trump lashes out at former President Barack Obama for failing to take a harder line against Russia for election meddling, Trump's own advisers are struggling to convince him that Russia still poses a threat, according to multiple senior administration officials. (CNN, 6/28/2017)

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