France hits IS in Iraq

In a press conference on September 18, 2014, President François Hollande announced the sending of several Rafale military aircrafts to Iraq with a view to conducting air reconnaissance missions and strikes against the « group Daesh ».

Taking care of not naming the group by its usual name “Islamic State” (IS), Hollande said France’s operation would be carried out jointly and at the request of Iraq’s legitimate authorities. However, no French troops will be sent on the ground in Iraq, and no action is planned in Syria.

Without providing any further details, Hollande affirmed that France remained active, at least secretly, in Libya where an operation took place “just yesterday (September 17)”, he said. Libya’s security situation is spiraling out of control, official sources said, and defense minister Jean-Yves Le Drian recently called for a military intervention in the country; requesting support from the UN and European allies as a result.