La Francophonie as a strategic vector

37 countries including 23 in Africa, 220 million people today, 750 million to 1 billion by 2060. The French language has become a strategic issue for 21st century’s France, wrote Jacques Attali in his latest report titled “The Francophonie and francophilia, driving forces behind sustainable growth.

Engulfed in a deep economic crisis and convinced of its decline on the world stage, though such a viewpoint contradicts with an effective and appreciated interventionism, France must “move towards a francophone union as powerful as the European Union,” explained Attali. Besides the use of a common language significantly increases economic exchanges by approximately 65%, he added.

As a result, enhanced economic cooperation could lay the foundations for a revival benefiting both France and its francophone partners. Raw materials, research, development, health, finance, tourism all represent opportunities for the future. Here is a valuable agenda for the next summit of the Francophonie to be held in Dakar on November 29-30.