News Corp. vs. Google, cynical & overwhelming

In a letter sent to the European Commissioner for Competition Joaquin Almunia, the media group News Corp.’s Chief Executive Robert Thompson has accused Google of being “willing to exploit its dominant market position to stifle competition.”

According to Thompson, “Google has been remarkably successful in its ability to monetize users, but has not shown the willingness, even though it clearly has the ability, to respect fundamental property rights,” To sum up: “a platform for piracy.”

For instance, the certification process for Android-related products which “allows it to delay or deny content companies and other businesses access to the mobile operating system, while giving itself the freedom to develop competing products”; therefore possibly generating losses of both visibility and profit for editors.

Google still enjoys the feisty and creative reputation that surrounded its development back in the early 2000s, Thompson said, yet “the shining vision of Google’s founders has been replaced by a cynical management,” increasing Google’s power each passing day.

Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, replied in 632 words and cited leading newspapers like Bild, Le Monde and the Financial Times as evidence showing that Google doesn’t hamper free competition. Less than 15% of those websites’ traffic comes from Google, Schmidt added, stressing that “we built Google for users, not websites.”