Iran, the West, towards an axis of trust?

One year after their first bilateral meeting and on the occasion of the 69th General Assembly of the United Nations, French President François Hollande and Iranian counterpart Hassan Rohani discussed the Iranian nuclear program and exchanged views on the terrorist threat. Hollande noted that Iran « must implement concrete and verifiable measures to demonstrate with certainty that it does not build military nuclear capability. »

Stressing the « effectiveness » of Iran, Rohani confirmed the need for cooperation between the two countries in combating terrorism. During another meeting, unprecedented since 1979, British Prime Minister David Cameron has welcomed Tehran’s support for the new Iraqi government and hopes for a similar approach in Syria.

While Western countries are showing renewed interest in Iran considering the security situation in the region, they anticipate the prospects for bilateral cooperation, especially economic, in case of a final agreement on the nuclear issue. « Iran can be a reliable source of energy for Europe, » President Rohani told his Austrian counterpart.

Foreign relations of Iran have improved significantly and are experiencing a unique development, as another consequence of the real or alleged policies of the Arab countries vis-à-vis the Islamist groups. « We should accept that terrorist activities are not beneficial for anybody and terrorism is not a suitable tool to achieve political interests, » Rohani said.