What can be worse than market crash? War!

Financial markets aren’t the only place where volatility currently exacerbates. Nations, peoples and governments can also be places of extreme volatility and/or fear whose actions can bring much more, much worse consequences than finance itself could ever do. Take these words as a plain warning of geopolitical nature. The situation of Russia, for one, is particularly instructive and shall be considered very carefully. Whatever one thinks of what President Vladimir Putin did regarding Ukraine, Russia is currently testing its very limits, plunged into an abrupt economic turmoil that could transform into a crisis of nightmarish consequences of worldwide magnitude.

US President Barack Obama’s message telling Putin “you can’t do whatever you want without consequences” has been heard loud and clear, however not only the Russian people has  finally never been so united behind Putin against “America” but most of the Europeans are also becoming growingly defiant of Brussels and their own governments’ subscription to US foreign policy. Listen to what the people say. See the rise in nationalism. Hear the “grand ras-le-bol” from Athens to Moscow to Paris. And, whatever your reasons good or bad, you’ll likely remember that playing with fire can end badly. Today’s Europe will not survive another 2008-like crisis or worse.