Trust no one: will Hollande kill the 75% tax?

In a previous article, Cyceon said the fall in oil prices would likely be instrumental in reviving French president François Hollande’s political career, thanks to a bit more economic growth and a bit less unemployment next year, after years of tragic economic slump. Following a déroute in both municipal and European elections, Hollande appointed young banker Emmanuel Macron as minister of economy, drawing strong anger from his past allies at the very left of the socialist party who see him as a dangerous pro-business capitalist. It seems 2015 will not be the end of inner socialist turmoil. As the 75% super-tax is about to expire after 2 years of honorable accomplishments – the public deficit has widened and economic growth has become a UFO – the silence of the Hollande administration on such a hot topic has been interpreted as a discreet desertion from the harsh battlefield of counterproductive useless taxation mania.