Is Alstom an economic war that France ignores?

Following the sale of Alstom‘s energy activities to General Electric (GE) in December 2014, the French Center for Research on Intelligence (CF2R) released a research report that highlighted two facts which it considered “worrying” namely the sale of France’s “industrial jewels” abroad and the “inability” of the elected officials to “defend the (national) interests” in this “economic war”; all this summed up in the report’s title as “US racketeering and State resignation”.

“Because of our incapacity to produce turbines for nuclear power plants and the French Navy (the sale included turbines manufacturer Alstom Power), French civil and military nuclear programs will now depend on the United States,” thus breaking with an essential requirement of sovereign and independent France as De Gaulle had built. Explaining the reasons behind the “targeting of Alstom”, the CF2R wrote that the sale was carried out in a deleterious context of “conflict of interests”, “manipulation” and “story-telling.”

The circumstances therefore prevented the parties from realizing the full extent of the challenge. The State would have sacrificed its sovereignty and national independence on the altar of a disturbing conjunction of both “powerlessness and amateurism”, prompting another victory for the United States in a “long declared war” in which France “doesn’t return blows.”