USA wants to become India’s “best partner”

While attending a parade of tanks made in Russia, US President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reaffirmed the bilateral ties that bind “the world’s two largest democracies.” Economy was of course the focus of the talks of this State Visit to New Delhi during which Obama has sought to convince India that the USA is not only a “natural partner” but can also become its “best partner.” Considering the “so much untapped potential” of trade’s development between the USA and India – which represents $100 billion per year, that is only 1/5 of trade between the USA and China – Obama pledged $4 billion in US investment and loans to India. He also recalled the “still too many barriers” for US companies to set up in India. Modi therefore reiterated his commitment to continuing reforms to that end. Finally, the two governments will work to implement the Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement of 2008 by resolving the legal obstacles posed by Indian law that would make the construction and equipment companies responsible in the event of subsequent accidents.