3D printing’s becoming a no limit revolution

There may be a bubble growing about the market valuation of 3D printer manufacturers, however their sector has become by itself a nodal topic of business news and long-term growth prospects. Main current vector of zero marginal cost production, the 3D printer is already used for almost any purpose one can imagine, with often original consequences, sometimes humanitarian. In Salem (OR, USA), there is a little girl named Violet Petrok whose skull’s molding using a 3D printer will help surgeons repair her facial cleft. In Japan, the firm KDDI seeks to determine which are the first productions of 3D printers’ personal users and the result is smartphone cases. Elsewhere, there are several projects that will revolutionize the food industry with easier-to-swallow food or meat made with insects and algae but having the same taste as today’s meat. The 3D revolution has barely started that it already bears universal hopes.