Ukraine could mean war for whole Europe

“If we can’t reach a peace accord, it’s called war,” said French President François Hollande as he was flying to Moscow, Russia with German counterpart Angela Merkel. As our previous articles repeatedly said, the risk of war is the worst outcome one can fear from what’s going on in Ukraine, but the worst doesn’t mean impossible. “If we don’t manage to find not just a compromise but a lasting peace agreement, we know perfectly well what the scenario will be. It has a name, it’s called war,” Hollande told reporters in the city of Tulle in central France.

Both the French and German leaders have thus become aware of such risk, and confronted with a tougher rhetoric from their American allies, they had to reach out to Russian leader Vladimir Putin with a view to presenting a new peace plan.  “I understand the debate but I believe that more weapons will not lead to the progress Ukraine needs. I really doubt that, (…) there is already a large number of weapons in the region and I don’t see that this has made a military solution more likely,” said Merkel, this way clearly rejecting US projects of sending “lethal assistance” to Ukrainian forces.