FCC took major step to protect Open Internet

In accordance with the principles shared by the “overwhelming” majority of the nearly 4 million commenters who participated in the Open Internet proceeding, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted “strong, sustainable rules to protect the open internet.” Because “open and unfettered communications are essential to freedom of expression in the 21st century,” FCC’s Chairman Tom Wheeler said, “broadband networks must be fast, fair and open.” That’s why the FCC reclassified broadband internet access as a “telecommunications service” under title II of the Communications Acts. Armed with such strong legal foundation named Open Internet Order, the FCC will therefore be able to ban paid prioritization, blocking and throttling. A number of conservatives and ISPs denounced the FCC’s move as worst example of government intervention ever, whereas top-ranking democrats like President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced their support for the move.