Galileo recovered from August 2014 failure

Failure to launch two satellites for the European Galileo geolocation network on August 22, 2014 has become a bad souvenir. Not only the unwelcomed rumors that quickly affirmed the incident could put an end to the whole program have fallen silent, but two more satellites were successfully placed into orbit on March 28, 2015. This “takes us one step closer to a global European satellite navigation system,” European Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska said.

The launch also addressed the doubts as for the reliability of the Russian-made rocket Soyuz ST-B. There are six more Galileo launches to come: 3 missions on Soyuz with 6 additional Full Operational Capacity (FOC) satellites, and 3 launches on Ariane 5, with 12 more units, Arianespace explained. The next launch of Galileo satellites is scheduled for September 2015. The European Commission aims to ensure the provision of full Galileo services – a constellation of 30 satellites worth 7 billion euros – by 2020.