Don’t underestimate Jeb Bush and Donald Trump

US-based analysts have noticed the Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign could be already weakening due to growing controversy over alleged conflicts of interest about her involvement with the Clinton Foundation, the ongoing issues about alleged missing electronic data as regards the Benghazi incident and a momentary media focus on the multiplication of GOP presidential candidates. In Europe and elsewhere, the presidential ambitions of Jeb Bush and Donald Trump have been welcomed with skepticism if not disdain. This is déjà-vu about Bush, the son and the brother of two former US Presidents, and most of the media think they thus already know everything about him and what he will do if elected President. Summing up, just like dad and bro. In fact, without underestimating his strong family and conservative ties, Jeb Bush could turn out to be more inventive than expected and given his high popularity in Florida and his strong funding base, Bush has good chances to win the Republican nomination.

As for Trump, the least one can say is that he embodies America. Following the announcement of his Presidential bid and by monitoring what has been said in the weeks before when rumors were growing about his political ambitions, Cyceon noticed that most of the American commentators have much respect for his successful career that has created many jobs. Strong with real knowledge of how to run a profitable business, Trump will likely attract many entrepreneurs who have felt growingly misunderstood by the “disconnected Washington establishment”. Also, Trump’s $9 billion wealth seems more like an asset rather than an obstacle out there. Many commentators have written Trump could be a more honest and a more sincere political leader since he doesn’t need politics to get rich.

Americans want to put an end to what they growingly perceive as America’s decline around the globe. After having elected President Barack Obama twice and having been a bit disappointed, they seem to look for a more conservative leader who will “make America great again”. The 2016 elections will be about the economy of course, but the strength of America on the international scene will also be a more important factor than usual. Americans’ sentiment that China is running while America is hardly walking could benefit Trump. Americans’ sentiment that America has become so much powerless that it cannot defeat a small 50,000 men extremist group like ISIS or make Vladimir Putin’s Russia listen to reason could benefit Bush. The two Republican contenders embody what many Americans respect the most: success and strength.