Final talks ahead for Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

According to US Secretary of State John Kerry, the talks towards the finalizing of the TPP have entered their final stage. Although Kerry sounded optimistic about the participating countries’ ability to overcome differences, he stressed the final stage is often the most difficult. “As with any complex negotiation (…) there remain details to be hashed out, but the reasons – high standards – why each of the TPP countries is pressing on to work through tough negotiations or even some of the most sensitive areas of the negotiations are very, very clear,” Kerry said. As progress continues on the TPP, one should expect increased focus on behalf of the US government (USG) on finalizing the controversial TTIP-TAFTA with the European Union (EU). According to Cyceon, “the TPP is like Obama’s free trade first rocket. If the first launch succeeds, then a second one – a bit more complicated however – can be planned, this is TAFTA.”