Why former CIA and co. think Trump can win

Media think their way. Intelligence people think their own way, except that they sometimes don’t think like the mainstream and can’t obviously tell everyone. Donald Trump, the controversial Republican candidate for the 2016 Presidential election and unexpectedly – Cyceon anticipated it – successful so far in the polls, managed to gain real consideration – if not support – from within the US Intelligence Community (IC), particularly from former field operatives. There are two main reasons for this.

First, contrary to media “assessments” saying Trump has no chance to ever enter the White House, a number of sources within the IC think that Trump has actually a small but real chance to become the next Commander-in-Chief (POTUS). According to a quite complex but “doable” political strategy of which some elements have already been made available to some “happy few”, Trump could undertake an overhaul of the current US political system that could become the game-changer dramatically increasing his political weight.

Second, the fact that Trump has real financial independence means he could become a POTUS free of interest groups’ influence and therefore able to defend the US national interests according to a real understanding of what’s at stake for the nation and not of what’s at stake for the financing of the next election. Trump’s controversial nonpolitically-correct statements do play a role in the IC people’s interest in his candidature.

Between what the mainstream world thinks of what the real world is, and what the IC knows and sees about the real world, there’s a gap that Trump could be able to fill. It doesn’t mean at all that, for instance, Trump’s words about Mexico and else have been welcomed but Trump talked about several facts – grosso modo – the same way as many average citizens as well as the IC see them. Veritas vos liberabit.