Will the VW gate impact Germany’s industry?

The German industry – Deutsche Qualitat – has been having for decades a strong reputation of quality and reliability. It’s widely known around the world for its state-of-the-art appliances and luxury sedan cars which have somehow been ambassadors for the German way of dealing with everything – from business to politics – with this kind of both admired and controversial disciplined leadership.

The scandal surrounding Volkswagen (VW)’s cheating on diesel emissions could potentially ruin the image of the German industry, and this could just be the beginning. Several politicians quickly affirmed Germany’s reputation was thus overrated, that’s why both its business and political models shall be no longer the cardinal points of Europe in crisis.

The VW scandal will gravely impact the German industry, and many people will take this as golden opportunity to invalidate anything that’s been made in Germany. Yet the best and most reliable judges will still be the end-users who, whatever has happened, will tell if German-made products remain superior to competitors’. A potential is something that can be contained or avoided, and Germany has certainly the capabilities to deal with it.