In Syria, Putin is hero, Obama is zero

In the complex era of online information, what counts is not the truth but the perception the majority of the people has of the truth. Beyond being currently the world’s most effective and efficient head of state according to Cyceon, Russian President Vladimir Putin has managed to upgrade Russia’s long-term information operation (IO) and public diplomacy effort to the practical concrete stage by sending jet fighters strike “terrorist groups” in Syria.

More importantly is that Putin has succeeded in taking the most prominent role on what he thinks must be done in Syria so as to defeat ISIS and all other “similar groups” – it includes Al-Qaeda’s. With leaders like US President Barack Obama apparently lagging behind Putin, a growing part of the western public opinion now sees Putin as the badass hero and Obama as the indecisive shy bystander. Yet, the US Air Force (USAF) has conducted far more air strikes – 5461 under Operation Inherent Resolve – than its Russian counterpart so far.

Whatever the figures, the hard diplomatic stance taken by Putin in recent days might turn someday into a masterly class for future MIL/PSYOPS experts. The former immediately followed by a demonstration of military force, Putin has shown the world his words mean action. As a result, a growing number of people – though not saying it overtly, especially in the US – regrets that Putin has the determination Obama lacks. Action is not enough if not produced with adequate perception. From that perspective, Putin gave Obama a lesson.