Hollande, Putin failed to create antiterrorist coalition

Is it temporary or definitive? After French President François Hollande’s visit to Moscow where he met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, the opportunity that there was to rebalance France’s posture on the world scene has apparently been missed.

When Hollande arrived, Putin considered “an international coalition (as something) absolutely necessary.” During the press conference that followed the closed-door meeting, Hollande insisted on the need to “coordinate” the strikes against the terrorist groups and “them only.” From coalition to coordination, they went from an ambitious objective that could have pushed the United States to do more to the continuation of what had been decided before and which is somehow a “minimum” considering the serious terrorist threat.

The major disagreement still concerns Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad of whom Hollande considers he cannot be part of Syria’s future while Putin thinks it’s up to the Syrian people to decide. Perhaps this was just a first sequence of efforts towards setting up a wide antiterrorist coalition and this failure was just temporary as a result. But this is a matter of urgency and time is of the essence.