EU: Goodbye Britain (Brexit), welcome Turkey?

Air clash with Russia in Syria’s airspace? Growing difficulties of fully understanding President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Middle East policy? Just forget about it, the European Union (EU) loves and needs more Turkey than the vice-versa. In a joint statement signed by the 28 Heads of State or Government of the EU, the European Commission (EC) and the Turkish government celebrated the activation of a “joint Action Plan” which opened the negotiation of chapter 17 about economic and monetary policies and visa liberalization as another step ahead for Turkey’s admission into the EU.

Although Turkey just shot down a Russian aircraft that allegedly crossed its border for a dozen seconds, the EU Facility for Refuges will also provide €3 billion in order to help Turkey to stem irregular migration that, yet, has had no difficulty for more than a year of crossing Turkey’s borders along the Middle East and Europe. “Turkey and the EU are determined to advance together,” the joint statement said. The issue is that the EU contradicts with the people of Europe of which a majority would prefer a reassessment of the relationship with Turkey instead.