Brexit, the silver bullet that will kill the EU?

According to former Prime Minister Tony Blair, the United Kingdom’s exit, the “Brexit,” from the European Union (EU) would be “extremely grave”. Worse, it would be “catastrophic,” Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny added. Business circles, the City, most of the CEOs and politicians have been voicing their opposition to the Brexit more and more loudly.

Don’t worry, answered Pierre Moscovici, the EU commissioner for Economic Affairs, who’s convinced the Brexit will be avoided. Yet the concern is growing, like the silver bullet of a magazine full of generalized discontent mounting on too much unemployment, immigration and terrorism, this fatal bullet which would definitely kill the European vampire, Brussels officials are having nightmares about.

The referendum, decided by Prime Minister David Cameron, should be held throughout this year 2016. And the latest polls showed a 42% yes in favor of the Brexit, 38% no and 20% undecided.