Yahoo and Google, same origin, different fate

Yahoo and Google, two of the world’s most famous websites have been at the very source of the internet’s endless expansion. First, everyone used Yahoo in 1995 and then, discovered Google in 1998. Granting internet users with a free access to powerful research tools has likely been the starting point of the digital revolution that is still ongoing today. AOL Search, Lycos and AltaVista once were leading competitors before the 2000 crash of the net economy set the record straight.

Yahoo and Google happily survived, both growing into two of the most powerful inescapable companies in the world. Today, the game is about to change anew and there will be only one winner. Cost-cutting obsessed Yahoo likely to spin itself off may eventually be sold, while profits-maker Google still surpasses all online search competition and is now a major stake of Alphabet that just dethroned Apple as world’s most valuable firm. Innovation and investment both shaped the origin and the fate of the two internet giants.