For French authors, this is the end of a world

The Western, “Judeo-Christian” civilization would be “dead, over.” A growing number of authors do tell it, especially French researchers and philosophers. As a catalyst of the attacks which so seriously hit Paris in November 2015, is spreading a “revolution” for which “Islamism” would be a doctrine and “terrorism” a tactic. To “the West (which) killed 4 million Muslims since the Gulf War,” are responding “young soldiers (who are) ready to die,” Michel Onfray explained. “We’re living the end of the end of History,” Alain Finkielkraut affirmed and for whom “the West didn’t (however) give birth to Islamism.”

Terrorism doesn’t result from “nihilism” but from the offensive of a “(revolutionary) profoundly alluring mission,” Scott Atran wrote. “Our weaknesses galvanize them, (…) we gave up the field of values,” Thibault de Montbrial considered and who advocated the reaffirmation of French identity. For a number of authors, the West is doomed by its military response and its loss of transcendence through its reduction to mere consumerism. Therefore lacking in spirituality, the West would be a basket of ripe consumers ready to cast down, without a fight, before the threat. Yet the end of History announces a new one, and if realism still lacks, the announcement of chaos sometimes precedes awakening.