Worse than markets crash, a terrorist WMD attack

After the Paris attacks which killed 130 people and wounded hundreds more, the terrorist threat would be taking on alarming proportions. Months ago, former CIA operatives warned that ISIS or Al Qaeda might be planning WMD attacks against the West, especially Europe.

“ISIS has used toxic chemicals in Iraq and Syria, including the blister agent sulfur mustard – the first time an extremist group has produced and used a chemical warfare agent in an attack since Aum Shinrikyo used sarin in Japan in 1995,” recently said James Clapper, director of US National Intelligence, this way acknowledging that ISIS has already trained itself to use chemical deadly agents on human targets, a first needed stage before a planned second one abroad.

This by-experience learning and training process in addition to the post-Paris Attacks practical feedback characterize the skills of former Iraqi military officers allegedly at the top of the ISIS military command. The more Syrian-Russian military strikes intensify and ISIS territory shrinks as a result, the likelier a deadlier – if not non-conventional – attack in Europe.

Terrorist suspects’ video of a Belgian nuclear official and the alleged gaining by ISIS of radioactive material stolen from US firm in Iraq substantiate French Prime Minister Manuel Valls’ words, who said the threat has never been so important, undoubtedly more serious than before the Paris Attacks.