Brexit, it’s getting really complicated for the EU

Whatever the quality or the lacks of the agreement British Prime Minister David Cameron has reached with the European Union (EU) with a view to re-launching a sound membership for Britain inside the EU, the exit of the UK from the EU – the “Brexit” – is gaining ground. The negotiation process itself, the ongoing immigration influx and the general perception by a growing portion of the British people that the EU is more an issue than an advantage has given Brexit a boost, confirmed by London mayor Boris Johnson who announced his support in favor of leaving the EU.

Against the backdrop, the fact that Britain had to achieve somewhat hard talks with the EU might have actually undermined Cameron’s efforts against Brexit as it’s been perceived as evidence that the EU does deprive countries like the UK of their sovereignty. Moreover, the concern voiced by EU officials that making concessions to the UK could likely encourage other countries to ask for similar concessions might have convinced some British citizens that there’s even a tougher road ahead for the EU, hence one more reason to leave.