The three engines of the Donald Trump’s momentum

As soon as June 2015 when media almost unanimously discarded Donald Trump’s run for the 2016 GOP nomination as something that would be soon just a “bad, funny souvenir”, if not just some weird advertising on behalf of a billionaire so-called “clown,” Cyceon wrote that considering the political ambiance inside America, one shouldn’t underestimate Trump.

8 months later, Trump has won 3 out of 4 of the first GOP caucuses, distancing its rivals by around 20 points of percentage in Nevada. If Trump wins Super Tuesday next week, his chances of becoming the next US President will dramatically increase, surpassing those of Hillary Clinton’s according to our statistics.

The Trump’s momentum is propelled by three main facts which are as many engines in the race to the White House: First, Trump’s ideas, whether you like them or not, are in line with what a large portion of America (and now Europe) – mainly the poor and/or middle class White people – thinks about the state of their economy, their country and their future.

Second, Trump’s wealth and more down-to-earth views on foreign policy – like encouraging cooperation  rather than antagonism with Russia – has convinced a substantial share of the “deep State” – say intelligence, military – that Trump could finally be the President most independent and thus most able to serve his country’s interests first for long.

If Jeb Bush got out of the race, it might be because he didn’t acknowledge his brother’s Operation Iraqi Freedom was a mistake. If most of the veterans are proud of having served, many of them believe they were tricked in an unjustified war, not to mention their anger when they see that ISIS has yet to be disabled. “It seems the Russians are doing the job, can you believe that?” one disgruntled veteran told Cyceon when Moscow decided to intervene in the Syrian conflict last September.

Third, Trump has created more jobs through his companies – whatever the size of his wealth, $4 or $10 billion – than any other US President ever has. For what one may name “forgotten America” – by media, star system and even to some extent the Obama administration itself – the law-abiding middle class, the federal employee, the private, these three facts make a difference.