Terrorism: make Europe a 3rd world economy

Europe has entered a process that so far it has failed to halt, generating potentially disastrous consequences for global economy. The terrorist threat has grown to an extent that it now seems out of control. The fact that, despite extra security measures, terrorists have been able to hit Brussels international airport – Zaventem – and the subway system at Maelbeek – just a few hundred meters away from the EU Commission building – showed that political leaders haven’t realized yet the scope and the depth of the threat inside Europe, despite clear warnings from the intelligence community.

Beyond the atrocious human toll, European economies will likely greatly suffer from growing insecurity in addition to losing its way of life. How can Europe stay attractive if one cannot commute, board a plane, have a drink without the risk of being blown up by terrorists? Considering the negative inflation and the ongoing structural difficulties, terrorists could succeed in bringing Europe to its knees by regularly challenging its public safety and further questioning European leaders’ ability to respond effectively. Economic consequences could likely accelerate Europe’s political decomposition amidst more frequent episodes of sporadic violence.

Terrorists’ goal is twofold: firstly, ignite violence between non-muslim Europeans and the Ummah; secondly, harm the European economy so that general conflagration emerges faster. The video made by jihadists of the second most senior official of Belgium’s nuclear infrastructures has brought evidence that they are planning to deal a fatal blow to Europe. This may seem like a contradiction, but the more peaceful and the more decent Europe deals with terrorist attacks, the more likely terrorists plan a far more deadly attack, so eager they are of plunging Europe into civil war. Nuclear plants, schools, hospitals, Churches, even Pope Francis are potential targets. In such a context, who will want to invest? How many graduates will leave? How will demographics be impacted?