A top Hedge Fund manager always wins big

No matter the financial circumstances, most of the top hedge fund managers continue to rake huge profits every year. According to a US survey conducted by Alpha magazine, the 25 best-paid hedge fund managers were collectively paid USD 13 billion in personal income for investing wealthy institutions’ and people’s money in a range of assets. Both Citadel’s Kenneth Griffin and Renaissances Technologies’ James Simons earned USD 1.7 billion each in 2015.

However, despite such impressive figures, only the really performing hedge fund leaders managed to gain so much money. As 2015 has been a particularly volatile year on financial markets, along with a dramatic drop in oil prices, only a small portion of the USD 2.9 trillion hedge fund industry in the US did well while a larger portion lost large amounts or simply shut down. “If you’re a good investor, hedge fund management remains the quickest way to become a billionaire,” a Wall Streeter told Cyceon.