Suggesting new Brexit vote is like playing with fire

Brexit has been just voted that a number of VIPs, politicians, media are already talking about the possibility of holding a second referendum to make sure that the British people who voted to Leave the European Union (EU) – with more than 1,269,000 votes ahead of the Remain camp – is absolutely sure of what it has voted. After a first review of a substantial amount of data collected through social networks, Cyceon consultancy warns anti-Brexit activists that their attempt to reverse what took place appears already as highly counterproductive.

Not only it is adding instability to uncertainty, but this constitutes unprecedented defiance against popular – and democratic – vote that could come back like a boomerang. The assertion saying that the British youth voted overwhelmingly against the Brexit is partly inexact too. Indeed, as Cyceon analysts noticed, it appeared that a significant number of young pro-Brexit voters didn’t come to the polling station especially because they thought it was useless to do so, given that the latest polls showed the Remain camp would win to a large extent.

Just the fact that the Brexit is being questioned hardly 48 hours after it’s been voted has made a number of pro-Brexit supporters even more radical in their views than before the vote. Cyceon also identified people who voted against the Brexit and who shared Cyceon’s finding that holding a new referendum would mostly damage the British democracy without any insurance that the Brexit would not win again, with even more votes for the Leave camp. Calling for a new referendum, according to our data, may likely lead the EU a bit deeper into the abyss. Therefore, one has to remember that playing with fire can burn one’s home down, and this is true regardless of your vote.