Donald Trump wants to make America wealthy again

After he welcomed Brexit as proof he will be the next US President, Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump answered to Democratic contender Hillary Clinton’s last week attack on his economic policy program. On June 25, 2016, Trump thought that debt will affect America more than Brexit. “We’re gonna have USD 21 trillion of debt by the time he (President Barack Obama) leaves office. We’ll more than double the debt that we had. So, at USD 21 trillion, that’s going to affect America a lot more than Brexit,” explained Trump who based his economic policy plan on 3 main reforms about healthcare, tax and foreign trade relationships.

In a speech in Monessen, Pennsylvania on June 28, 2016, Trump declared “American economic independence” and explained that as President he would fight for fair trade, for policies that benefit the middle class and for American workers first. Trump questioned globalization that, he said, “moved jobs, wealth and factories to Mexico and overseas, (…) left millions of our workers with nothing but poverty and heartache.” Trump centered his speech on the middle class as the main victim of globalization and to whom he promised he “can turn it around fast.”

Contrary to Clinton and “her friends” in special interests and in global finance, Trump explained, he would take back control of the United States, citing “our friends in Britain” and the Brexit as an example. From a more economic viewpoint, Trump underlined that production leads to wealth, and that without production sites and with a large trade deficit, the US has become “some natural disaster, (…) a legacy of the Clinton years,” with NAFTA and now the TPP. With Trump as the next US President, the “era of economic surrender” would end thanks to an immediate offensive against free trade agreements and against China’s “unfair behavior and illegal activities”.