Angela Merkel said her Immigration policy needs no change

The fact that the Islamic State (ISIS) managed to repeatedly insert terrorists into the flow of “migrants” toward the Schengen area and that the number of terrorist attacks reached unprecedented high in the last 18 months does not incite the German Chancellor Angela Merkel to change her immigration policy. “We have achieved a lot in the past 11 months,” she said, “We can still do this. We can manage this historical challenge.”

Instead of opting for the precautionary principle, that is stopping the influx long enough to develop reliable solutions to ensure that no terrorist enters the European territory, Merkel preferred to reverse reality by explaining that the terrorists want to undermine our willingness to welcome distressed people and that we must firmly oppose that. If the generosity of the Chancellor is touching, she failed to mention that official statistics have shown that more than 3/4 of so-called “distressed people” are actually economic “migrants” who don’t come from conflict zones such as Syria or Iraq.

This refusal to restore control of the European territory prevents any valid counter-terrorism policy, which is therefore based only on a short-term approach of addressing imminent threats. The increasing number of entries of individuals inside the European Union (EU) which proved unable to identity them reliably hinders a full assessment of the threat. Without basic knowledge of who’s entering or exiting, intelligence agencies can’t establish connections that could provide hints about preparatory acts with a view to carrying out a terrorist attack; the same ways as groups of November 13, 2015 attacks in Paris came together gradually. Chancellor Merkel confirmed the inability of political leaders to question their policy.

Beyond the security issue, since Merkel made the choice to welcome more “migrants” by admitting as acceptable a real risk that other innocent people may become victims of other attacks in the near future, Germany – and therefore the EU that it fully controls – is continuing an immigration policy that lacks objective or consistent evaluation of both capacities and real demographic needs. Without objective facts, Merkel confirmed a policy that seriously threatens Europe both institutionally and culturally. This somewhat irresponsible policy facilitates the entry of terrorists in France, Germany and throughout the Schengen area. A fact she was confirmed about several months ago by German intelligence agency BND.

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