What can André Gérin and Chuck Norris have in common?

What view can a French communist and an American anti-communist have in common in 2016? André Gerin, former communist mayor of Venissieux, a French city of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, and Chuck Norris, actor and martial arts champion share a broadly similar vision of their countries namely France and the United States. They think that if everything continues as it has been for too long and/or if nothing changes, these two nations will soon no longer exist, with France destroyed by Islamist extremism and the United States destroyed by socialism and illegal immigration.

France is plagued by Islamism helped by the naive optimism of a part of the political left, Gérin told Russia Today. Regarding the jihadists, Gérin considers that they should be treated “as traitors to the Motherland.” Those are words Norris would certainly agree with, he who told Breibart that in case Democrat Hillary Clinton becomes the next US President, her “next decade of decisions will certainly dismantle or destroy what is left of our republic.” As Cyceon wrote many times, both sides of the Atlantic ocean share similar concerns and the question of what civilization we want to live in leads the debates.

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