By accusing Moscow of cyberattack, is Hillary Clinton creating a diversion?

It sounds like 1953 when anti-Communist conservatives saw Moscow’s agents everywhere. Politically excessive, they were actually and retrospectively quite right about the ability of the Soviet Union (USSR) to sneak into the US political system. But we are in 2016 and it is the Democrats, adorned with all the virtues of progress and tolerance, who are seeing the Russian hacker behind each byte outgoing from their party’s computers. Rejecting as “insulting” the US accusations according to which Russia has helped WikiLeaks to disclose 19,000 e-mails from the Democratic Party, the Russian authorities reiterated that Hillary Clinton has not provided any evidence so far.

Nobody doubts that Russia is very interested in American politics, one should remind that Russia is interested in the Republican Party (GOP) too but also that the United States is likely doing the same with Russian politics. Indeed, this “campaign” against Russia seems quite timely for Clinton. Having herself been imprudent with US national security by working with classified data from a personal server when she was Secretary of State, she escaped a federal indictment although many jurists deemed it likely – in comparison for instance with the fate of former CIA Director and General David Petraeus who was dismissed overnight on far less serious charges in relation to a duly cleared third person.

One can thus note that if Clinton had sunk in the polls following the statements of FBI Director James Comey about her imprudence, she is now reaching new highs as accusations against Russia are increasing. As a result, be careful because when Russian elections take place, President Vladimir Putin and his comrades will not hesitate to return the charges to the sender.

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