China, Russia could question US dominance by 2035

According to a report delivered by the Pentagon’s Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), « the future world order will see a number of States » becoming able to take advantage of a « contested and disordered » environment to promote and build alliances with a view to decreasing US dominance – and more generally that of the West.

Mainly China, Russia and even India, Iran and Brazil to a certain extent will be the main actors of such change. Demographic and fiscal pressures should amplify it by weakening NATO capacities and thus the whole Euro-American military-economic architecture. As the Western share in the global economy reduces, the clout of great emerged powers like China increases.

However, the “mediocre” growth won’t only concern western economies considering that Russia’s was negative in 2015 and that China’s has been slowing for some time as part of the “new normal.” The data confirmed for sure that a new world era has started in which leadership moves to the Asia-Pacific region, Islamism spreads across Europe and America wonders how to continue its leadership.