Joey, the FBI Chinese who was actually working for China

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An employee of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) pleaded guilty to espionage. Born in China, naturalized American, aged 46 and holder of a “Top Secret” clearance, Kun Shan Chun aka Joey – in reference to friendly Joey of the world famous TV series Friends – confessed to working as an agent for the Chinese government in exchange for financial rewards, travel and hotel stays.

As electronics technician, Chun had joined the FBI in 1997 and was allegedly recruited by China on the occasion of a trip to France and Italy in 2011. His mission was apparently to communicate, via a technology company named Zhuhai Kolion of which he was shareholder, intelligence about the FBI’s organigram and surveillance technology.

Chun is facing 10 years in prison, but his sentence should likely not exceed 3 years.

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