Threatened, Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern waits for Brussels backup

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Certainly, the European Union (EU) seems to be crumbling by itself. In the context of the highest terrorist threat ever, the EU not only leaves borders open while common sense would close them – at least for some time – to restore effective control of the territory but the EU hardly defends itself even when openly threatened.

Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern is the latest Western leader to have borne the brunt of the failed coup in Turkey. Radical elements among Turkish immigrants living in Austria allegedly made death threats against Kern after he asked the EU to redouble its firmness in negotiations on visa exemption for Turkish nationals.

That such negotiations can continue while Turkey is experiencing a very serious political crisis, while migration crisis has reached new records high of entrance into the Schengen area in recent days and while the terrorist threat has never been so serious, all that looks like institutional suicide for the EU. The threats against the Austrian government are unacceptable and show to what extent Brussels has no longer any authority abroad in a world that yet requires more of it.

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