Has President Barack Obama’s foreign policy been good or bad?

Barely elected President of the United States in 2008, Barack Obama had raised great hopes in his ability to renew US foreign policy and to ease tensions, including by opting for a gradual withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. A Nobel Peace Prize, Obama had both the willingness and the means of an effective and respected foreign policy. Alas, the initiatives of his administration have not yielded the expected results and the inexperience of Obama could not be sufficiently balanced by his brilliant and courageous partner, Vice-President Joe Biden.

The situation in Iraq and Syria has created unprecedented terrorist sanctuaries from which operatives now strike the heart of Europe with France as a prime target. Afghanistan remains a very hostile area where the Islamic State (ISIS) is now settling and competing with the Taliban and their Al Qaeda allies. Africa, which has yet progressed so much economically, is also being destabilized by terrorist groups whose victims are often in the hundreds in one day, unfortunately in indifference.

Neo-conservative diplomats and ancient GOP conservatives regretted that “Russia does what it wants” in Europe and the Middle East, with unparalleled efficiency in proportion of resources and personnel. North Korea (DPRK) is dangerously increasing its nuclear, submarine and ballistic capabilities while Iran is rebuilding its regional power thanks to the Nuclear Deal signed in July 2015. If one counts Iran as one Obama’s achievement, at least four issues now pose greater risks to global security. It will therefore be risky for the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to take advantage of Obama’s track record in which she participated as Secretary of State during Obama’s first mandate (2009-2013).

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