Democrats emerged more divided than Republicans, said former CIA

Scott Uehlinger, a US Service Academy graduate, served ten years in both the US Navy and merchant service. Entering the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1996, he served abroad in US embassies located in the former Soviet Union for years. A Russian speaker, he retired from a career at the Agency. Now an Adjunct Professor with the NYU and a lecturer, Uehlinger gave Cyceon exclusive insight about Republican candidate Donald Trump for whom he was a Delegate at the GOP Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Here is his story and analysis from the inside of the GOP campaign:

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The Convention provided me with a stark portrayal of this perception chasm. A first timer, I found the Convention impressive. The speakers were fantastic – representing all races and espousing conservative, patriotic values. From Black preachers to gay technocrats to female small business owners to the Benghazi survivors, I found all of their stories compelling. Most of the speakers, in fact, were NOT white males. Many convention speeches were not televised by the mainstream media, which seeks to portray the Conservative voter (such as myself) as being racist, undereducated and predominantly white. Ignored by the press, for example, were the heartbreaking testaments of many inner city minorities who had suffered loved ones lost due to the crimes of illegal immigrants. The mainstream “Narrative” must be maintained!

I met fantastic Americans of all stripes, from all over the country in Cleveland – all motivated to save America from the ravages of a Democratic party which has been hijacked by its leftist, statist wing. The rank and file Republicans were united in Cleveland by a determination to defeat Hillary Clinton. While the rise of Trump has caused some heartache on the part of Republican leadership, perhaps due to their own narrow interests or egos, the average American understands that the party must unify behind Trump as the alternative, a Hillary victory, regardless of his flaws, must defeat Hillary. The press highlighted “division” within the Convention that I simply did not see. I contrast this with the Philadelphia Democratic Convention, not located far from me. Large demonstrations, the walkout of more than 100 Sanders delegates, and a steady stream of Black Lives Matter speakers were not to be seen on mainstream media depictions; THERE the media narrative was “unity”. Make no mistake, however, the Democrats emerge from their Convention considerably more divided than the Republicans.

I reside in Pennsylvania, a critical state in this next election. I do not reside in New York, Los Angeles nor Washington – I am in “Realville”, USA. Everywhere I see the destructive legacy of the Obama Administration. Unemployment is rife, health costs/education spiraling out of control – and small business, the traditional engine of US economic growth, is embattled and demoralized. Pennsylvanians know this is the legacy of the Obama – and that Hillary will be more of the same. For the first time since 1988, Pennsylvania may go Republican – and take the rest of the country with it. Anecdotal evidence: over the past year; I have seen perhaps THREE Hillary bumper stickers – but have been seeing hundreds of Trump stickers and lawn signs; many of these signs were handmade, painted on barns, etc – the Trump supporters are highly motivated to express their dissatisfaction with a system which has failed them.

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Previously in February 2015, Scott Uehlinger gave a first interview with Cyceon about the situation in Ukraine. In March 2016, Uehlinger published on Cyceon an article titled Ideology and Intelligence, a recipe for disaster.

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