Turkey moves closer to Russia, a great achievement by Barack Obama

This morning French daily newspaper Le Figaro published an article listing the five reasons why Barack Obama could be the best President of the United States ever. One would think this is a joke as the international track record of the too early Nobel Peace Prize is excessively bad. Whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Somalia and other places around the world, Barack Obama’s foreign policy in which Hillary Clinton has taken part for four years as Secretary of State has seriously deteriorated the global security situation.

As a grand great final achievement of his two terms, Barack Obama has found nothing better than sending into his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin’s arms a NATO member and strategic vital partner in the war on terrorism, namely Turkey. It doesn’t mean Turkey has actually acted as a reliable partner – it was rather the opposite vis-à-vis Europe – but the priority was especially to not alienate Turkey and do everything for it to become reliable. While it is understandable that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was cause for concern at the White House and elsewhere, the Obama administration has failed both in intelligence and in diplomatic matters regarding a country yet absolutely crucial.

The result of such incompetence is simply magnificent and could make Obama not one of the greatest US Presidents but certainly one of the worst commanders-in-chief who ever presided the United States. After having promoted his counterpart Erdogan for years, against all odds – including the interests of Europe, now Erdogan backfires and finds support in a most unlikely interlocutor namely Putin. The latter, whether you like him or not, proves once again that he leads the game which even after eight years at the White House, Obama has yet to understand. Meanwhile, Europe is paying a high price and its heart – France – is on the brink of general conflagration; while Obama is warning that Trump could be a threat to peace and security. Should one laugh or be appalled?

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