Former senior CIA Scott Uehlinger depicts Republican Donald Trump’s electorate

Scott Uehlinger, a US Service Academy graduate, served ten years in both the US Navy and merchant service. Entering the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1996, he served abroad in US embassies located in the former Soviet Union for years. A Russian speaker, he retired from a career at the Agency. Now an Adjunct Professor with the NYU and a lecturer, Uehlinger gave Cyceon exclusive insight about Republican candidate Donald Trump for whom he was a Delegate at the GOP Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Here is his story and analysis from the inside of the GOP campaign:

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Who is the typical Donald Trump voter? Its not the stereotype many Europeans suspect. Sure, there are a lot of “Reagan Democrats”, white union workers, traditional democrats who feel their party has abandoned them. There are many white working class supporting Trump – and he has been appealing to them via town halls in places like Scranton and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Additionally, every law enforcement and military member I know is voting Trump – they are up to their eyeballs in the real world, and they understand that aHillary Clinton presidency is untenable. I myself know a number of Hispanics who are Trump supporters; highly entrepreneurial, they know that only the Republicans can free them of the red tape that strangles their businesses.

There will be many Sanders supporters – totally disenchanted with their party, some will vote Trump – who is in accord with Sanders calling for fair, free trade. There will also be more black voters pulling for Trump than any “journalist” is willing to admit. One Democratic activist, no friend of Republicans, conceded that some 20% will support him. Anecdote: during the PA primary (a State which Scott Uehlinger represented as a Delegate at the GOP Convention in Cleveland) I went into a downtown Allentown polling place being worked by black volunteers. In conversation, it was clear that all of them would be voting Trump – they knew more about the man’s family than he himself does! I believe that Trump will take 20% of the Black vote – a block that Democrats depend on to fall in 95% behind them.

Not to be disregarded is my belief – based on personal observation – that Democrat voters are divided and demoralized. No one is “energized” or “psyched” to vote for a a frail scandalized Clinton. As Servergate and the Clinton Foundation scandals continues to “drip-drip”, she attracts no vocal supporters, no enthusiasm. Her last press conference was about 8 months ago (Between when Scott Uehlinger wrote this and now, Clinton held a new press conference) – she is overcautious and wary of making an error in her robotic, choreographed campaign. Saying the wrong thing to the wrong people – without consulting her small army of focus groups and consultants – must be avoided!

The result of all this will be reduced turnout amongst democratic voters – to be contrasted with an energized Republican base, defecting democratic voters, and previous non-voters who will be voting for Trump. Fact: 170,000 Pennsylvanians changed their status from Democrat to Republican in order to vote for Trump in PA’s Republican primary. And Trump continues to draw record crowds wherever in the US he appears.

Bottom Line: I believe that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. He will command more popular votes and take more states in the electoral college than most “experts” are willing to admit. It will be a Brexit moment – with the world press slack-jawed and aghast that such a thing has happened. It must be remembered that Trump has consistently foiled “expert” prognostication and prediction (except Cyceon’s) for more than 12 months – and there is no reason to suspect that this Willful Blindness on the part of the press will not continue.

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Previously in February 2015, Scott Uehlinger gave a first interview with Cyceon about the situation in Ukraine. In March 2016, Uehlinger published on Cyceon an article titled Ideology and Intelligence, a recipe for disaster.

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