Hillary Clinton as POTUS could damage France’s National Security

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate for the US presidential election in 2016, is a brilliant, smart and resourceful Woman. Nobody doubts she has the qualities to be the first Woman President of the United States (POTUS). But beyond her undeniable qualities that make her a formidable politician, Clinton is not necessarily what is needed for the United States in November 2016 and even less for France. Indeed, her “man at The Company” namely former acting director of the CIA, Michael J. Morell – 33 years inside – provided last night Charlie Rose with vital information.

The priority in Syria and Iraq is according to Morell to “kill discreetly” Russians, Syrians and Iranians because they have supplied weapons to terrorists who killed American soldiers in Iraq in the past. Whereas the Americans – likely unwillingly – provided weapons to groups who killed Russians, Syrians and Iranians, the election of Hillary Clinton – whom Morell has been a stalwart supporter for one week – would start an even more lethal complication of the situation in the Syria / Iraq region.

Relations with Iran would be compromised and the Nuclear Deal signed in July 2015 as well. Worse, the Islamic State (ISIS) could be indirectly strengthened by a Clinton administration which would not deal with it as a top priority. Therefore, it is the terrorist threat in Europe and especially in France that could dramatically increase because of Clinton’s goal to thwart the Russian-Syrian-Iranian actions in the region – thus indirectly those against ISIS – and Clinton’s unwillingness to start terminal action against ISIS. The influx of “migrants” en route toward the Schengen area would increase more and more in proportion to the capacity of ISIS to hit France – and Europe.

To date and from France’s National Security standpoint, the current stances of Hillary Clinton and her aides are unfavorable and could aggravate a security situation that has already stretched to the limit.

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