Terrorism causes serious Economic, Social, Strategic consequences

Islamist terrorism does constitute a real and serious long-term threat against France and Europe, and not only because of its lethality. The consequences are far more numerous than one might think at first. Passed the time of stunning shock, emergency and human toll, economic, social and even strategic consequences turn out to be exceedingly important.

Economically, the cost is often underestimated by governments and entire sectors of the national economy are negatively impacted by the terrorist events. For example, employees get inevitably sacked and seasonal workers remain unemployed this summer because of a serious decrease in tourist activity. French or foreign companies will be reluctant to invest or continue their development in France and / or in Europe.

From a social standpoint, permanent low intensity situation depletes a national unity that’s already cracking all over. The feeling of exclusion of a minority and the exasperation of a majority could jeopardize political stability. Strategically, all the time and money spent, all the means deployed with a view to countering the terrorist threat imply there will be less means for the future. This is why the fight against terrorism is a vital emergency for both France and Europe.