Former senior CIA tells Clinton vs Trump is like Globalists vs Nationalists

Scott Uehlinger, a US Service Academy graduate, served ten years in both the US Navy and merchant service. Entering the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1996, he served abroad in US embassies located in the former Soviet Union for years. A Russian speaker, he retired from a career at the Agency. Now an Adjunct Professor with the NYU and a lecturer, Uehlinger gave Cyceon exclusive insight about Republican candidate Donald Trump for whom he was a Delegate at the GOP Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Here is his story and analysis from the inside of the GOP campaign:

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I believe statements on Donald Trump’s competency by this scandal-ridden President Barack Obama simply falls on deaf ears. Americans are not listening to this lame duck anymore, especially as daily evidence of his incompetence continues its endless dirge. Today it’s USD 400 million given to Iran that the Obama Administration insists was “not a ransom” for captured American sailors. Hillary Clinton campaign’s shrill accusations about Trump’s advocating Russian espionage against Hillary’s server is merely a blatant attempt to hide the fact that A) the Russians already have it – they don’t need to be told by a Candidate to spy on their global rival, and B) If all of the information is unclassified, personal information – according to sworn Clinton testimony – then it wouldn’t be espionage, would it?

While it is true that Trump commits some gaffes – it’s because he actually TALKS to Americans. I saw him in Scranton last week – and he was in Miami earlier the same day, giving a press conference. Now that’s high energy! He spoke about our economy/trade gaffes (in great detail) and national security for more than an hour – no teleprompter, and virtually no notes. What is also little perceived in the media is how Funny he is – my family was laughing out loud at several of his quips. What is often expressed on a New York, tongue-in-cheek manner by Trump is often taken out of context by a hostile media. Americans know that Hillary Clinton is DEEPLY untrustworthy (the FBI Director James Comey stated investigation facts that demonstrated she has consistently lied to Congress and the American People), and this immutable fact is far more toxic to Hillary Clinton than the occasional gaffe is for Donald Trump.

The Trump phenomena is only part of a worldwide reaction. What we are seeing in the Western world en large is an increasing understanding amongst voters that a corrupt leadership elite is not ruling in the interests of the people – instead a globalist agenda is being pursued. Long overdue, this Western movement is producing a backlash that resulted in the rise of Donald Trump, and empowers politicians such as French Front National (FN)’s President Marine Le Pen and the leadership of countries such as Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Poland’s Prime Minister Beata Szydlo. Trump vs Clinton has been described by some as being Nationalist vs Globalist – and I can definitely see that.

I think it’s a good thing. Western leadership has become increasingly contemptuous of its constituents – and people are fed up. Were I a German, where crime has exploded due to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s reckless refugee policy, irate would not even begin to describe how I would be feeling. The Globalist Agenda is primarily an ideology; and like any ideology, it is being pursued regardless of contrary facts. The result is uncontrolled immigration, exploding terrorism and economic uncertainty. Of course it’s not the elites that suffer the most from these traumas, it’s the people.

Having had a career in intelligence, it was clear to me at the beginning that US policies such as an Iranian Nuclear Treaty, a “reset” with Russia or an Open Borders Policy would be outright disasters in our foreign policy. Anyone with Critical Thinking skills could have seen these burgeoning disasters – not just retired spooks. The problem is that the West in general has elected leadership that cares not for the will of the people, is intellectually bankrupt, obsessed with Political Correctness and married to a nihilistic ideology. This is finally being rejected in the US with the rise of Donald Trump. I believe this will have secondary effects on world politics by empowering various movements in world democracies to place the power back into the rightful hands of the people.

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Previously in February 2015, Scott Uehlinger gave a first interview with Cyceon about the situation in Ukraine. In March 2016, Uehlinger published on Cyceon an article titled Ideology and Intelligence, a recipe for disaster.

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