Why would a Black American vote Donald Trump? (Leo Dunson)

Sgt. Leo Dunson is a Las Vegas-based U.S. Army veteran, a musical artist and a writer. Dunson received national media attention after he, a multi-awarded Black American who was deployed to Iraq assigned to a combat team with the 17th Infantry Regiment, explained his thousands of social networks’ followers why he’s supporting Republican nominee Donald Trump for President. Because Cyceon gathered a large amount of data that contradicted with what it read/heard/watched from the media, in line with former CIA Station Chief Scott Uehlinger’s story from inside the GOP campaign, it got in touch with Sgt. Dunson.

He and many other people told Cyceon what’s been ignored by the media so far: many Black Americans are going to vote for Donald Trump because they want jobs, they want to prosper, they want to live like any other American and participate fully in the American way of life. They’re fed up of being reduced to issues like crime and welfare state and increasingly disagree with the way Democrats see them. Sgt. Dunson tells – and sings – it loud and clear:

1) The Mainstream media said Donald Trump was a racist and would put minorities further in jeopardy, what happened to you?

L.D.: I’ve watched all of Mr. Trump’s speeches and press conferences myself. I’ve been following his candidacy from day one of his start until today. I’ve personally never heard him say anything racist or bigoted. So once the mainstream media started to attack him as being a racist, this was something I knew wasn’t true because I had been following Mr. Trump closely myself. It appeared to me as a deliberate attempt to deceive Black Americans in order to have them come out and vote against Trump. And as you can see for most Black Americans the liberal designed tactic of painting Donald Trump as a racist has worked, but not on me.

2) What are the main issues the U.S. government has to tackle most urgently and why do you think Hillary Clinton is not the good pick for POTUS?

L.D.: The main issues that the U.S. needs to tackle most urgently are jobs and security. Americans have always had a strong sense of security and safety. In my opinion over the last few years under the Obama Administration you have seen Americans feel less and less safe. Feeling insecure causes consumers to not buy as much which in turn causes producers to not produce as much, placing the nation in my opinion in a state of panic. Donald Trump being a known world class business man, in my opinion will no doubt be one of the best jobs Presidents America has ever seen.

Also he has vowed to destroy ISIS, and even work towards mending relations with Russia. Hillary Clinton on the other hand wants to raise taxes or keep taxes as is, wants more regulations on businesses and industries already struggling – such as the coal mining industry – and she’s also for attempting to borrow more money to spend our way out of this hole we are in. That’s her take in short on the economy. As far as security, everything you see around the world today is essentially the cause of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy: Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran. Hillary has had a hand in it all, I personally believe that she had good intentions, but I think the decisions she made causes unnecessary chaos.

3) It seems there’s a number of Bernie Sanders supporters who’d hesitate to vote Hillary Clinton, do you think it’s true? Do you take the current polls showing a significant advance for Hillary Clinton into account?

L.D.: I’m positive many Bernie Sanders supporters will either come out and vote for Trump or they will stay home. The vast majority of them will not vote for Hillary Clinton because their ideals will not allow them too and their spite will most likely cause them to go vote for Trump. Even though I have outlined how Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump more align than Hillary Clinton. As far as the polls, I 100% do not take them into account because I talk directly to the people every day. Most people in America are voting for Trump but afraid to say so publicly for the risk of backlash and/or losing their jobs or positions. I’ve talked to maybe hundreds of people who have told me just that. Many of them say to me, Leo keep speaking because you are saying the things that we just can’t say and that’s, we are Voting for Donald Trump.

Cyceon thought relevant to embed below this music clip produced, written and sung by Sgt. Dunson that sums up the issue as a whole – “You have a choice” – it’s titled Black Man or a Thug. Mainstream media should listen to those 3 minutes 5 seconds:

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