Foreign tourism in Paris has dropped by around 23%

According to the French ministry in charge of tourism affairs, foreign tourism in France has decreased by an average 10% in the first semester of 2016. If this has been well confirmed that luxury hotels-restaurants have been particularly impacted by the significant drop in visits by wealthy American, Asian and Middle-Eastern customers, a survey by Cyceon brought more alarming results. Among the 72% of the tourism establishments that agreed to reply, our team assessed that foreign tourism in Paris has decreased by an average 23% in S1 2016 year-on-year.

Places having the most of foreign tourists like Notre-Dame and Montmartre suffered more than places with most of local customers like Trocadéro and Tuileries. Respondents told Cyceon that the terrorist threat has aggravated a situation that pre-existed because of strikes, demonstrations that often turned into violent showdown with police forces and the national security situation that has deteriorated the general ambiance since the attack against Charlie Hebdo on January 7, 2015.

If one adds « extreme fiscal pressure », respondents said it leads tourism establishments to not hire seasonal workers and envisage firing employees as a result of a situation that never occurred since at least 1995 when GIA killed and injured dozens in the Parisian subway. The conclusion that Cyceon has drawn from its survey is twofold: first, France’s general economic context is more degraded than what official data says; second, the political context gets increasingly strained as most of the respondents vowed their complete lack of trust in all the incumbent and former French political leaders.