Inside Donald Trump’s presidential campaign (Scott Uehlinger)

Scott Uehlinger, a US Service Academy graduate, served ten years in both the US Navy and merchant service. Entering the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1996, he served abroad in US embassies located in the former Soviet Union for years. A Russian speaker, he retired from a career at the Agency. Now an Adjunct Professor with the NYU and a lecturer, Uehlinger gave Cyceon exclusive insight about Republican candidate Donald Trump for whom he was a Delegate at the GOP Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Here is his story and analysis from the inside of the GOP campaign:

Episode 1

I believe that Mr Trump has a very good chance of becoming the next President because he speaks directly to the American people, offers common sense solutions to many of our problems (trade imbalances, Islamic extremism, amongst many others) – and is vocal in his observations that the past 8 years have been devastating to the United States, in the areas of both security and economy.

It must be kept in mind that Obama never commanded more than 50% support amongst the national electorate during both his elections. The American people have never overwhelmingly supported this President, nor his liberal agenda. The US mainstream press, however, steadfastly supports Obama and the liberal democratic agenda, and unfortunately the past several years have seen most of the mainstream US media degenerate into a propaganda arm of the USG. Obama is thus subject to only marginal media criticism, and of course supports Clinton, while at the same time constantly excoriating Mr Trump.

Observers must be very careful not to equate popular media opinion with the sentiments of the people. How many “experts” in Europe predicted Brexit? The European media was “shocked” by Brexit, due to the fact that most of the European “elite” strongly supported remaining – and this colored media prognostications. As an Intelligence officer, I have long seen this very human failing demonstrated – but rarely to the degree it is presently displayed in the West. The schism between the views of the people and their leadership has become a yawing chasm.

Americans more than ever, understand this bias, which is why journalists are consistently rated with a less than FIVE percent approval rating; the only institution less respected is the US Congress! The most recent manifestation of this Perception Bias was the recent announcement by Reuters Polling that they would “recalibrate” polling which indicated Mr Trump commanded a 7 percent national lead. This was “adjusted” to a 1% Clinton lead. Willful Blindness is everywhere present.

Episode 2

Previously in February 2015, Scott Uehlinger gave a first interview with Cyceon about the situation in Ukraine. In March 2016, Uehlinger published on Cyceon an article titled Ideology and Intelligence, a recipe for disaster.

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