For American entrepreneurs, freedom is top priority

Financiers, investors and US business leaders would prefer a priori Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump but such preference is relative considering that both candidates in the US presidential election 2016 mainly generate disinterest or fear.

Their repeated criticism against free trade and questioning of the United States’ trade agreements abroad could potentially generate long-term instability that worries US entrepreneurs and not just large companies. Considering he is not a politician and therefore has no track record for one to assess his capabilities and method, Trump fuels more concern because he is considered as a factor of instability unlike Clinton, declared a winner already by the polls, who’s seen as a factor of stability because of her experience as a former Senator and Secretary of State.

While many entrepreneurs hope that Trump’s long experience as a businessman will bring more common sense in relations between business and government, others fear that his election might cause some instability which would weaken US growth whose signals have been quite ambivalent and difficult to interpret lately.

Also, entrepreneurs hope that Hillary Clinton will be as business-friendly as Bill, her husband and former President from 1993 to 2001. Given that entrepreneurship has become more difficult and time-consuming during the two mandates of incumbent President Barack Obama, they wish Clinton or Trump will cut red tape and give US businesses complete freedom.