Alleged conflicts of interest between Hillary, Clinton Foundation

After rival Republican nominee Donald Trump falling for several weeks in the polls, it’s now the turn of Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton to become the target of a political offensive that is expected to intensify as November 8, 2016 is nearing.

Beyond questions on her health that shocked Democrats who forgot that they did the same for veteran and former Republican candidate John McCain in 2008, close ties between Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, in addition to her private email server and the terrorist attack in Benghazi, could be the most serious obstacle to her election at the White House yet forecast by most polls. According to the Associated Press (AP), at least 85 of the 154 people who have got a meeting with Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State (2009-2013) were also donors to the Clinton Foundation worth around USD 156 million as a whole.

Even though it wouldn’t be a priori illegal, it raises again the question of conflicts of interest of which the Clintons are regularly accused of. Also, the temporal proximity between donations and meetings at the DOS could suggest that the latter were awarded based on or consecutively to the former. In the entourage of Donald Trump, many stressed it’s just the tip of the iceberg although Hillary Clinton rejects such accusations.