US leadership questioned like never before

A revolution is happening on the world stage, something that may seem imperceptible on a day-to-day basis given that the United States remains the world’s most powerful country and that President Barack Obama has always benefited from a very positive coverage on behalf of the mainstream media.

However, over the last two decades and especially after the two Obama’s mandates, the legitimacy of the United States as the sole superpower has been more and more questioned by millions of people who couldn’t be accused in any way of being “anti-American.” In fact, that is because the United States has incomprehensibly lost its way by defending interests which contradicted so much with the very concept of the “Free World” that a growing number of allies, leaders and people now reject US foreign policy and intend to build new alliances with other countries.

From UKIP new leader Diane James who told her admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin to Philippines President Rodriguo Duterte who engaged in building close ties with China and Russia to Japanese demonstrations against the US military presence to the acute deep European anger towards the US policy of support to so-called “rebels” in Syria and to “migrants” illegally settling by millions in Europe, the United States is no longer neither a dream nor a model for many of those who once were its best friends.

This revolution has resulted more from a seriously inadequate US foreign policy than from any so-called anti-American sentiment; and the absence of any reconsideration on behalf of the Obama administration has proved very destructive of US interests around the world. The United States’ leadership has never been questioned like this before. Will the next POTUS be able to repair such severe damage?